Balloon Girls are the fourth kids found in Kids vs. Ice Cream. They first appear in Day 6.

Appearance Edit

Balloon Girls appear to be female kids with long hair. They have dots for eyes and bear a grinning expression with fang-like teeth. They wear a T-shirt, a skirt and shoes. They carry a red balloon. Besides the balloon, Balloon Girls are completely white. Their balloons pop when defeated.

Gameplay Edit

Balloon Girls appear at the top of the screen and fly to the truck. Their health are similar to Butterballs, but Balloon Girls are slightly tougher than them.

Strategies Edit

Balloon Girls can be a big problem if not acting properly against them. Most recommended upgrades in late levels where they appear are the Mint Chip Freeze Turret and the Banana Splitter.

Trivia Edit

  • When a Balloon Girl is frozen by the Mint Chip Freeze Turret, her balloon will be missing and will be in a pose of running while frozen.
    • Additionally, when a Balloon Girl is on the truck, it appears to be missing her balloon as well, but the balloon will still be seen popping after being defeated on the truck. This is most likely an issue.
  • A Balloon Girl's attack speed is the same as a Ginger.