Butterballs are the third kids found in Kids vs. Ice Cream. They first appear in Day 4.

Appearance Edit

Butterballs are fat kids with messy hair. They wear a T-shirt, shorts and boot-like shoes and dots for eyes. They show a neutral expression, but gain an angry one with a smile of sharp teeth when they jump to the truck.

Gameplay Edit


Two Butterballs running to the ice cream truck.

Butterballs have high health and low speed, acting like tanks. They can protect kids behind them at certain distances of shooting.

Strategies Edit

According to the description of Day 4, the player should have enough upgrades to deal against them. They deal slightly higher damage than Little Tykes and Gingers so it should be considered slightly more of a priority defeating them before they get onto the truck tan Little Tykes or Gingers.

Trivia Edit

  • A Butterball has similar health to a Balloon Girl.