Gingers are the second kids found in Kids vs. Ice Cream.

Appearance Edit

Gingers look like red-haired kids with black dots for eyes and red freckles. They have an angry expression. They wear a T-shirt, shorts and boot-like shoes. Besides their hair and freckles, they are completely white.

Gameplay Edit


Three Gingers aproaching the truck.

Gingers are stronger and slower than Little Tykes. They attack faster than Little Tykes as well, dealing more damage per second than Little Tykes.

Strategies Edit

Gingers can be considered as a larger threat if not acting properly against them. If they come in groups and all of those groups get on the truck, they can make the player lose quickly. It is recommended to improve the recipe or optimize the computer system before playing Day 3 if it is the first time that the player plays said level, as it is first level where they appear.

Trivia Edit

  • For unknown reasons, a Ginger haves the face of a Little Tyke when it is on the truck.
  • Their attack speed is the same as Balloon Girls.