A Little Tyke in-game.

Little Tykes are the most basic kids in Kids vs. Ice Cream.

Appearance Edit

Little Tykes look like kids wearing a T-shirt and pants, with no visible nose. They have average boy hair and bear a open smile with triangle-shaped teeth. Their eyes are black dots. They are almost completely white except the inside of their mouth, which is grey. When jumping onto the truck, they gain an angry expression.

Gameplay Edit

Stage 2

Two Little Tykes running to the truck, a defeated Little Tyke and two Little Tykes on the truck in Day 2.

Little Tykes have low health and move quite fast. They have no special abilities and can be easily killed with any type of weapon.

Strategies Edit

Little Tykes are easy to handle if they're alone, but can be a medium threat if they come in groups. The player should be carefull not to overheat if they come in groups to avoid most of them jump onto the truck. It is recommended to buy the Banana Splitter if they come in groups in late levels, as they can be compained by other types of kids.

Trivia Edit

  • Little Tykes are the second fastest kids in Kids vs. Ice Cream, only topped by Scooter Kids.